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Final Docs

- QALL-ME Framework and Textual Entailment approach (pdf, 2.777 KB)

- QALL-ME: Semantic Web and Data Access (pdf, 2.363 KB)

- QALL-ME: Knowledge Bottleneck and Pattern Acquisition (pdf, 3.345 KB)

Month 36

- D0.1:Periodic Progress Report - m36

- D0.2:Periodic Management Report - m36

- D8.3:Final showcase, III cycle

- D8.4:Demonstrator

- D9.4:Final assessment of tools and resources developed within the project

- D10.3:QALL-ME Workshop (Go to the Website) popup icon

Month 27

- D2.3 (pdf, 246 KB) popup icon:Final Framework Specification, III cycle

- D9.3 (pdf, 549 KB) popup icon:Evaluation of Tools and Resources Developed within the Project

Month 24

- D0.2:Periodic Management Report - m24

- D8.2 (pdf, 634 KB) popup icon:Second Showcase, II cycle

Month 21

- D0.1:Periodic Management Report - m21

Month 15

- D1.2 (pdf, 1165 KB) popup icon :Updated User Requirements, II Cycle

- D2.2 (pdf, 2520 KB) popup icon :Updated Framework Specification, II Cycle

- D9.2 (pdf, 10304 KB) popup icon :Evaluation of tools and resources developed in cycle II

Month 12

- D0.1 :Periodic Progress Report

- D0.2 :Periodic Management Report

- D8.1 (pdf, 440 KB) popup icon :First Showcase, I cycle

Month 6

- D1.1 (pdf, 2135 KB) popup icon :User Requirements, I Cycle

- D2.1 (pdf, 725 KB) popup icon :Specification of QA framework and service policies for QA components

- D10.1 (pdf, 1378 KB) popup icon :Dissemination Plan

Month 3

- D9.1 (pdf, 2278 KB) popup icon :Quality Assurance Plan


June 2007

- Project Brochure
(Ext pdf, 831 KB) popup icon
(Int pdf, 9849 KB) popup icon

Comdata, in collaboration with FBK-irst, has developed the QALL-ME project brochure.

December 2006

- Fact Sheet & Interview (pdf, 135 KB) popup icon

September 2006

- QALL-ME Executive Summary

popup icon English version (pdf, 307 KB) popup icon

popup icon German version (pdf, 366 KB) popup icon

popup icon Spanish version (pdf, 353K B) popup icon

popup icon Italian version (pdf, 327 KB) popup icon