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The QALL-ME Framework (April 2009)

The QALL-ME Framework is a free SOA-based architecture skeleton for mutlilingual question answering (QA) systems that answer natural language questions with the help of a domain ontology and structured answer data sources from freely specifiable domains.

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EDITS - Edit Distance Textual Entailment Suite (April 2009)

An open source software package aimed at recognizing entailment relations between two portions of text

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IQA Ontology (November 2009)

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QALL-ME Benchmark (September 2009)

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QALL-ME Ontology (July 2008)

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Second Mobile Demo (Alicante, December 2008)

Second Prototype: Cinema+Accommodation (November 2008)

QALL-ME cinema

QALL-MEcinema (February 2008)

QALL-ME cinema

First Mobile Demo (Trento, December 2007)

First Prototype (November 2007)

online demo